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How do you share your knowledge and experience in a striking way with a brand new target group?

Zeelandia already supplies its ingredients to bread and pastry bakeries all over the world, but was looking for a way to achieve growth in the market of industrial bakeries as well. There is no shortage of expertise within Zeelandia, but due to the company’s size and international presence, our challenge was to centralise the available knowledge for all local brand ambassadors and to connect with the specific challenges of industrial bakeries.


Based on Zeelandia’s offerings, we developed the conceptual framework for an online B2B platform that makes all of Zeelandia’s industrial expertise publicly available, an absolute first within the industry. On Explore Zeelandia, visitors are guided through inspiring insights, technical innovations, market analyses, and total solutions that Zeelandia has to offer by its ambassadors. In addition, we conceptualised various online and offline activations to bring the platform closer to industrial bakeries everywhere.


Explore Zeelandia offers the possibility to make different campaigns, for example about trends like gluten-free baking products and sustainability, all part of the same story. By designing the platform for both external prospects and local ambassadors, everyone inside and outside of Zeelandia can become acquainted with all that Zeelandia has to offer.

About Zeelandia

Royal Zeelandia Group is an international producer of ingredients for bread and pastry bakeries. Zeelandia employs over 3,000 employees. With their knowledge and total solutions, they help bakeries of all types and sizes to achieve growth in their local markets.

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Smart strategy

Many industrial bakeries lack Research & Development or a marketing department, and often do not possess the necessary knowledge to introduce new products. Moreover, each industrial bakery often requires a different tailor-made solution. A crucial link between this diverse target group and Zeelandia are the national representatives who know what is happening at a local level and are eventually the ones that need to convey all the benefits of Zeelandia. The platform gives these ambassadors the tools to approach bakeries with more insight and persuasiveness.

“Zeelandia is seen in the market as a reliable partner with a lot of in-house expertise. With a track record of more than 120 years, it has a strong story to tell. But in conveying all this experience and knowledge to industrial bakeries, a personal touch is essential. We therefore chose to give the local ambassadors of Zeelandia their own face and voice within the concept for the platform.”

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