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How to move a small business in a conservative industry ahead?

People develop a personal relationship with their home, way before signing the contract. However, real estate often communicates in a formal and anonymous way. To build a challenger-brand in the real estate market, we decided to pull focus on the distinctive persona behind Maarten van Vliet Makelaars.


The somewhat excentric founder Maarten van Vliet takes center stage in a 360-degree content mix. Under the slogan #FindYourFuture, he takes house hunters on an engaging journey through their potential future homes and the surrounding neighbourhoods. On a skateboard, in a rowboat, or with an inflatable orca, which he uses to test out the swimming pool in the backyard.


Through this positive content, hundreds of people in the Dutch region Kennemerland found and sold their homes. The personal approach also attracted new employees and ultimately led to an expansion of the service area. Today, Maarten van Vliet Makelaars operates in Haarlem, Amsterdam, and the Gooi region, among others.

About Maarten van Vliet Makelaars

Maarten van Vliet Makelaars is a real estate agency based in Heemstede that specializes in a personalized buying and selling process. They operate in the Kennemerland region, the Gooi region, as well as cities like Haarlem and Amsterdam. Their mission is accomplished when all parties have the biggest possible smile on their face when handing over the keys.

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  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Brand identity
  • Media development

Positive energy

Maarten van Vliet is unique in how he uses innovative marketing and data in a conservative industry while giving buying and selling houses a personal and energetic face. With Maarten as the central element, we created a versatile mediamix to bring potential properties to people with genuine interest. For instance, a toolkit for social media, enabling Maarten's employees to easily reach the right audience. We also created a video series featuring local entrepreneurs, in which their individual stories paint a picture of the neighbourhood. Their online following generated a lot of extra reach.

"We chose to have Maarten himself be the focus of the story because he personally embodies the vision and spirit of his company the best. He understands what buying a home means to people, and that understanding gives the right tone to his content. We essentially only provided him with the tools to give his message more reach, substance and clarity."

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