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How to organically incorporate a product into newsworthy content?

To effectively promote Samsung's curved S-UHD television, we decided to create a story that's bigger than Samsung's direct mainstream market.


We transported the famous but immovable Dutch artwork "Panorama Mesdag" to a panoramic setup of 14 Samsung screens. In "Moving Mesdag," visitors could experience a unique digital reinterpretation of the iconic masterpiece for the first time, created by video artist Menno Otten.


Moving Mesdag received international media coverage and travelled to the NDSM-werf, Museumpark, Maastricht and Groningen. The activation won several awards and attracted more than 50.000 Dutch visitors.

About Samsung

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest electronics manufacturers with one of the most valuable brand names worldwide. The Consumer Electronics division mainly focuses on consumer electronics for household use, which includes televisions. With products such as the curved S-UHD, The Frame, and The Serif, Samsung caters to a more lifestyle-oriented audience.

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  • Strategy
  • Art direction
  • Visual identity
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  • PR

Historic activation

Moving Mesdag is a panoramic video artwork that shows 24 hours and 4 seasons in 6 minutes. To achieve this effect, Menno Otten digitally edited and transformed the cities and beaches of the original "Panorama Mesdag" into a dynamic presentation. In addition to the 50.000 Dutch visitors, a lot of tourists in Amsterdam saw the work for the first time because the original in The Hague is immovable. This activation brought together creativity and innovation in a historical activation that generated a lot of free publicity for Samsung, Panorama Mesdag and Menno Otten.

"Once we figured out the basic concept and the math of creating a full circle of curved televisions, we approached the offices of Panorama Mesdag to see if there were any high-res images available for Menno to work with. Luckily, they were happy to work with us. The team at Samsung was very brave to act as a patron for the project, and we're very proud of this unique partnership and the success of Moving Mesdag as a traveling piece of art."

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