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brighter branding

How do you translate years of progress into a new brand perception?

To bring the identity of sustainable real estate developer Lisman & Lisman into the 21st century, we devised a strategy that does justice to the future world of real estate as well as the traditional character of the industry.


We designed an accessible corporate identity and applied it to various media. By combining classic and modern elements, we convey how Lisman & Lisman moves the world of real estate ahead with an awareness of its heritage.


With a fresh identity, Lisman & Lisman can clearly convey to stakeholders who they are today and where they want to go in the future.

About Lisman en Lisman

Lisman & Lisman is a developer of sustainable and self-sufficient real estate projects that focus on the needs of their users. They're a family business with respect for history, sustainability and quality that has been growing for generations.

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  • Brand identity
  • Graphic ontwerp
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  • Website
  • Media development

Brighter branding

We incorporated the accessible and open character of Lisman & Lisman into the new logo by using the letters 'L' as two expanding elements that also refer to the visual language of a building plan. The '+' communicates the added value that Lisman & Lisman brings to real estate projects and symbolizes growth and collaboration. To bring the past and the future together, we combined muted and classic colour tones of materials such as wood, metal, and concrete with a range of complementary, more pronounced colours.

"Lisman & Lisman has a long history of building projects, but now mainly focuses on the sustainable development of existing real estate. Their current projects usually involve a lot of different stakeholders and licenses, which makes a clear and convincing brand identity more important than ever."

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