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connective storytelling 

How do you bring different stories together into one engaging design?

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, TeamNL was looking for a way to further stimulate international business and trade relations between Japan and the Netherlands. To achieve this, we brought together 30 successful Japanese-Dutch innovations into one online showcase.


For the TeamNL Innovation Parade, we created an animated, digital pop-up book. We asked Illustrator Magoz to create conceptual visualisations of the technical and sometimes abstract cases, in a style that fits the TeamNL branding.


According to participants, the digital pop-up book formed a strong testament of the successful Japanese-Dutch trade relationship, and is still being used today as an inspiring reference point for future trading partners.

About TeamNL

TeamNL is the Dutch sports team that represents the Netherlands at the highest international level. 28 associations have joined forces with NOC*NSF to give a face to TeamNL. One team with one ambition: to represent the Netherlands on the road, the field, the water, and wherever sports are played. In addition, TeamNL, NOC*NSF, and Papendal work to improve international trade relations.

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Storytelling

Connecting Design

The Innovation Parade was part of the TeamNL Tokyo Expo, an online networking environment that, despite the pandemic, allowed nearly 50 organisations to meet and improve international trading relationships. The different success stories presented to us already formed an inspiring collection on their own, but our challenge was to mold them into an attractive and consistent design that encouraged further exploration. For this, the visualisations of the Swedish illustrator Magoz were crucial. His images not only show in a concise way what each case is about, but each contain an engaging visual concept. Then it was up to Studio Zelden to bring Magoz's flat images further to life with pop-up effects and animations.

"Our work often revolves around finding the essence of a story and sitting down with organisations to uncover the most relevant elements of their business. This project was no different. All the organisations showcased in the Innovation Parade were working on some groundbreaking innovations, it really was just about helping them with translating their work into a focussed and impactful storyline."

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