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data-driven design

How do you transform data into an emotional connection with a brand?

Communication about your retirement plan is important but rarely personally relevant. That's why we came up with a campaign for NN's Pension Help that focuses on the individual birth year of potential clients.


Using social media targeting, we designed a series of tailor-made social ads for each birth year. The ads tapped into the music, TV shows, news events, and other specific memories that reminded each member of our target audience of when they were 18 years old.


By charging simple data like a birth year emotionally, we were able to effectively inform people about the personalized possibilities for their pension. In 9 months, over 3000 people signed up for NN's Pension Help.

About Nationale-Nederlanden

Nationale-Nederlanden is a financial service provider offering products and services in the areas of insurance, pensions, and banking activities. It serves over 6 million individuals in the Netherlands. For over 175 years, NN has been helping people take care of what they value most. Nationale-Nederlanden is part of NN Group, an international financial service provider operating in 11 countries.

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Aim purposefully

During the campaign, someone born in 1963, for example, was addressed with "When you were 18, Anita Meyer's 'Why Tell Me Why' was at #1." Multiple ads were created according to this principle for each birth year. As music is incredibly powerful in triggering memories, we used Spotify to create several playlists with era-specific music. Ultimately, the audience was directed to an online platform of Nationale-Nederlanden, featuring trivia, tips, and a "personalized" video providing age-specific information about their pension.

"Most people have a basic understanding of their retirement plan, but often don't know which options, benefits, and disadvantages apply to them personally. This project was not only about establishing an emotional connection with individuals, but also about creating attractive and understandable content about regulations that people often don't even want to think about yet."

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