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candid communication

How to attract a new generation of talent in a competitive job market?

Dutch pension administrator MN was looking for new talent. As a non-profit with a social signature, MN is quite a unique employer within the financial sector.


To communicate the social core of MN, we decided to center the campaign around the stories and experiences of current employees, supported by candid photography and the tagline "Wat ik doe doet ertoe", which translates to "My work matters".


We executed the campaign through various online and offline channels, which not only resulted in a broad range of applicants, but also improved the internal visibility of different departments within the company.

About MN

MN is one of the largest pension administrators and asset managers for Dutch pension funds. It conducts integral asset management for nine Dutch institutional clients. As a non-profit organisation, it differs from most fiduciary management providers.

  • Brand strategy
  • Concept
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Production

Candid communication

We challenged employees to share how they personally contribute to MN's success. To emphasize the open culture of MN, we selected the most spontanious images of each employee, and highlighted their individual characters with different colours from the MN colour palette. We then used other visual elements from MN's brand identity, like the square 'halo', to design a new website for potential employees and a series of physical materials.


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